Friday, September 18, 2015

Feeling grateful...thank you HomeFront Girl

I play the lottery every week and although I haven't won yet, I'm going to hit the big one someday soon! This isn't about winning the latest lottery for millions of dollars, but it is a post about winning the lottery of a completely different nature.

Not too long ago, a friend and I went to visit Melissa at the Quilts of Honor booth at the Prince William County Fair.  I bought a few raffle tickets knowing I probably wouldn't win, but the $$ was going towards a good cause.  This group relies on donations to obtain fabric, batting, and quilting for quilts to provide to veterans and the piecing is all done by volunteers.  A LOT OF LOVE GOES INTO MAKING EACH ONE....

(I'm most familiar with the East Coast Quilts of Honor; to contact them, click here)
The mission of Quilts of Honor is to bestow a universal symbol and token of thanks, solace, and remembrance to those who serve in harm's way to protect and defend our lives and freedoms. Quilts of Honor are made by the loving hands of countless volunteers who wish to thank those who have served so that they know their sacrifices are appreciated.

Well, one day I received a message that I WON a set of yankee candles.  You're probably thinking candles aren't really that big of a deal, right? First of all, I was so dog gone tickled I won anything, it could have been a roll of TP!  But seriously, when I realized what these candles represent, I really think I won the jackpot!!

These aren't just any Yankee Candles, they were designed by a local artist, Gabby of HomeFront Girl.

MORE ABOUT HOMEFRONT GIRL: (click on this quick Youtube video to learn more)

"She is a wife, a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, fiancee, girlfriend or a friend.  She is anyone who has ever loved someone serving in our military and "shared her Hero with the rest of the world".


Support Our Troops

Give Thanks for Heroes That Never Stop Giving
Gratitude Never Out of Style

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and don't forget to thank a service member, including your local police officers and fire fighters... They are the ones keeping us safe...

Thinking of my dad, my father in law, my nephew, veterans, all those currently serving in the military and their families and friends that support them.  Take a moment today to reflect on what you're thankful for...


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  1. I was excited when your name was drawn...I love these candles and what they stand for. Congrats!