Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Becky & Bonnie - Farmer's Wife

29 September 2015

Why not start ANOTHER project?  I joined the 1930's Farmer's Wife Sew Along. This will be my first real patriotic quilt.  I'll try to post pictures of all my blocks along with corresponding letters as they would be relevant today or based on what's going on at the moment.

This is a sampler quilt based on inspiring letters to the Farmer's Wife Magazine from farm women of the Great Depression.  The former Farmer's Wife Magazine is now known as the Farm Journal.

This is the first week and the assigned blocks are #12 Becky and #16 Bonnie.


The heading for this block was: Quit Merely Existing (Letter from Nebraska, March 1934)
I have never been to Nebraska.
Like her title, many days it seems like I'm going through life just existing, worrying about the state of our country, bills, losing weight, washing clothes, straightening the house, what's for dinner, worrying about where I'll be in the next 10 years and so on (you get the idea)...Well, I don't always just worry about getting through the day, month, or year (ok, well maybe I do), but I do try hard to ensure that those close to me know that I care about them and am thankful for their love, time, and experiences we share.  I think my biggest fear would be to exist without my spouse, I mean no relationship is perfect, but I really try to ensure he knows how deeply I love him.
My favorite thing is the smell of fresh cut grass, and all the silly things that my spouse does to make me smile; I actually pause to enjoy the sunrise or sunset and watch how it interacts with the clouds.  Some days I just sit on my front porch and listen to the water fountain.  Basically, as I get older I really try to appreciate things that would normally have gone unnoticed growing up; for instance, as I was driving today I noticed that someone had placed a blue bird cut out on a rail fence and had the flag flying next to it - it was just a farm along a road in the middle of nowhere, but it was a pleasant sight. 
If it's just a cup of coffee or the entire day, take a moment to really live, do something out of your normal routine, and maybe you'll find an energized heart and a quick smile...


The heading for this block was: Rain for the Soul (Letter from South Dakota, June 1934)
I have never been to South Dakota.
It's interesting that I assembled this block today, it's POURING down rain and I think it's suppose to rain for a few days.  Fall just began and it's a transition time with rain, wind, cooler mornings, leaves trying to change, some leaves not knowing what season it is and just falling from the trees...it's a time where things die off and the scenery changes. 
My take away from this letter is the same from this woman back in June of 1934 - "Only faith in God and a strong determination to look for the good side and wish everyone well has kept the soul from becoming a heap of dust." -excerpt from Farmers Wife 1930's book.
Although times may be difficult and there appears no relief, stop and look for the good in even the worst things is all we can try to do.  I mean there must be a reason we get a flat tire the very day we can't be late for something, right?  :-)

Happening right now (9/29/2015):  The iHeart Radio Music Festival is on TV and most of the music is good; well it's good background noise anyway, however I have to say... announcing Kayne West as the next President of the United States really makes me take pause as to where this country is headed.  It's become a country that doesn't care much for patriotism, fiscal responsibility, and being a community; it's turned into special interest groups, ever raising taxes, greed, and singers thinking they know how to run an entire country. My heart is heavy with sadness for this country and I am praying that this sew along and the use of patriotic fabrics will be my positive productive therapy; keep me grounded.

I pray common sense will prevail. I am especially thankful I am able to budget for fabrics and enjoy this creative community of wonderful quilters!

Have a blessed week!


  1. I like your fabric choices for the FWQ, your blocks are beautiful.
    I really enjoyed reading your personal reflections, so special when quilts speak to and of our emotions and personal journeys!