Wednesday, March 11, 2015

GUILD_2015_MARCH Block

I joined the Centreville Quilt Guild and decided to participate in the monthly block challenge.  What are the rules? My version from what I remember is:  you take the pattern, complete the pattern, bring to the next meeting, your name goes into the raffle, and then near the end of the meeting someone is selected who WINS all the blocks submitted for that month. Could be 1, could be 50.  Why not, right?  Although, Triangles aren't really my thing!  Here's the block for MARCH:

Of course, it's green and white for ST. Patrick's day!!  28 Pieces

BLOCK OF THE MONTH_House Warming Party

Finally completed the 2014 six month BOM called House Warming Party.  I actually completed TWO of these; I gifted one to my mother for Christmas and I am keeping the other.  In February I joined the Centreville Quilt Guild and decided to place this quilt in the 2015 Quilt Show at Chantilly Expo in May.  It's not a judged event, but will be displayed with other quilts from the guild.  More pics to follow during the event.  It's a happy little lap quilt!  Below are the unofficial show pictures.