Sunday, October 18, 2015

TUFFET 101 Teaching Day Complete!

This week has been JAMMED packed with preparing, learning, and fun.  I had to share the outcome of today's TUFFET 101 class that I taught at Oh Sew Persnickety in Haymarket, VA.  There were 5 students and they each created their own masterpiece. 

I can't explain the joy and excitement I feel when a student works so hard to complete one of these Tuffets.  It's fun, easy once you have the instruction, and truly one of a kind.

Congratulations to the newest Tuffet-teers!!  Enjoy this quick little video...

Have a great week and Happy Sewing.

Next Tuffet Class will be at Kelly Ann's Quilting in Warrenton, VA... Wouldn't you like to make a Tuffet Too!

I am an independent instructor and travel to many locations; if you're interested in a class for your group or quilt shop, please contact me directly:   Now scheduling for 2016.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Betty - A Dream Come True

05 October 2015 (4 of 99)


A Dream Come True (Letter from North Carolina, March 1933)
I have actually been to NC several times!  My dad grew up there, I have fond memories of spending summers at the beaches, and Kent & I had an anniversary celebration at the Biltmore Estate Inn; so many times I can't seem to recall them all.
This letter made me smile as I read it.  I mean, I never played in church or at weddings, but I did teach myself to play to the piano and I could play Christmas music pretty good!  I grew up singing in a choir, either at church, at school, or just to my imaginary audience in our basement; so I have always loved music.
When she spoke of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", it brought back memories of many nights studying for my degree!  I seemed to study and retain information best when I'm listening to classical music.
Some of my favorite memories were from high school, when our music teacher would take us to the Kennedy Center for a field trip; I could sit and listen / watch the musicians for hours.
What's Happening Today?...
  • The SUN came out and I was so confused I had to go out and just stare up at the sky!  It had been dark, cold and rainy for so many days it was becoming a bit dreary.
  • I was sad to learn that our baseball team (The Washington Nationals) fired the entire coaching staff today!  Honestly, it was pretty sad.
  • We had pizza burgers for dinner; prepared in the crock pot and delicious....

Until the next block!
Happy Sewing. :-)

current layout for this quilt..

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Botanical Album Sew Along - Month 1

October 2015 is here and I'm over the moon excited about beginning the Virginia Quilt Museum's Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt (SVBAQ) Sew-Along!!  If you haven't checked out the details, follow any of the links below to read more about the project. 

VA Quilt Museum - Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt of 1858
Aunt Reen's Place
Collector with a Needle
I am currently a member of the VA Quilt Museum and knowing that my small contribution helps keep this historic building going, along with keeping quilting alive; it was well worth the investment. As a member I attended the Homecoming event for this beautiful quilt and met a few members of the family (click here to read about the quilt). 
To enjoy a snippet of the event, follow the link below to the local news.
This month we were instructed to prepare three Pineapple blocks.  Pineapples are known for hospitality and to let others know they are welcome.  What a great block to start this adventure with; I mean everyone is welcome to purchase the pattern from the museum and everyone is welcome to sew along each month to recreate this 1858 quilt!  Happy quilting...
Here are my first blocks from this sew along...

I'm doing my quilt in batiks and it will become our new guest room quilt.
Currently, I have collected batiks from:
  • Oh Sew Persnickety - Haymarket, VA (The Background Batik)
  • Suzzie's Quilt Shop - Manassas, VA
  • The Scrappy Apple - Winchester, VA
  • Web Fabrics - Purcellville, VA
Until Next Month's Adventure...
Happy Sewing,

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

AUNT - One Day at a Time

03 October 2015 (3 of 99)

It was a pleasant surprise when another block was posted so soon after the first 2!  It's Saturday morning, still dark and rainy, so it was the perfect time to conquer this block.

This block was name just for me!! I'm an Aunt!  hahah; I know there are a bunch of "aunts" out there, but I love all my nieces and nephews a bunch and now they are starting their own families.  I still see them all as young kiddos learning about the world but reality is they are all grown up teaching me things!  :-)

#8 Aunt

The heading for this block is: One Day at a Time (Letter from Indiana, January 1933)
I have never been to Indiana, but my birthday is in January!

My thoughts on her letter was really to take one day at a time.  How many times did you hear your parents, an adult, that little voice in your head, or spiritual leader say that?! I've probably heard it a million times. Do we really take one day at a time? Is that even possible?

Personally, I KNOW I should live for today, get done what I can and tomorrow will take care of itself but it's difficult in these times (2015) not to prepare for tomorrow.  I mean there's a lot to think of and worry about these days and if you don't think ahead you'll be unprepared and left behind.

It's almost like a riddle, making me chuckle a little.

Is there anyone that truly lives solely in the PRESENT day, not thinking of tomorrow?  I was raised hearing to prepare for the future, your actions today will make you who you are tomorrow, BUT not to let your past define your future, and of course "there's always tomorrow". 

Honestly, this was a short note to the editor, however is actually a deep subject that I am sure could generate long, thoughtful discussions.

So, until the next letter and block, I'll leave stating that I will TRY to remember to enjoy the day I am living at the moment and not focus so much on the what ifs of tomorrow, BUT I know that I am prone to always think ahead, so how about I'll just TRY...(chuckle)

What's Happening Today?...
With all the local wineries being overcrowded today, we found ourselves at a little place called Upper Crust in Middleburg, VA.  It was a bakery / deli and nice find on our way home.  Once home, we decided to watch PITCH PERFECT 2 on demand and settle in for the day.  I was in choir and madrigals from 5th grade until I graduated HS, so I'm drawn to any tv show or movie with singing.  Singing is good for the soul.

The final song of the movie was Flashlight and it sort of reminded me of this sew along and many other things in life.  You can do good things on your own, but when you embrace everyone's uniqueness and strengths throughout all generations you can accomplish great things.  (SPOILERS - in the movie it was the current group, along with the former Bardon Bella Alumni singing together  that took them to a win)

Here's to everyone being at least one person's Flashlight along this journey we call life...

Have a wonderful weekend!