Saturday, April 11, 2015

1st WOOL project!

I've seen wool projects but really had no idea how to work with or knew the difference in Felted Wool, Wool Felt and felt.  Last month I joined the Centreville Quilt Guild and they had an opening in an upcoming Wool Workshop.  Of course I signed up!

This past Friday, March 12, at the Saftey Center off Stonecroft (which I always thought was just a police station) I entered into my first wool experience. 

The instructor, Terri Berrier, was a joy and I learned a lot during the day.  It was good to be exposed to other designers as well, I hadn't heard of many of them: Jo Morton and Bonnie Sullivan were just a few.  It was also great to get to know a few of the other guild ladies as well.  

She is from NC and works/teaches at:

Below is the process for this one day course.  I got most of the handwork done during the day and the. Finished when I got home.  Then I sewed the pillow, stuffed it and added that really cute chenille.  It's a little pillow, so I placed it next to another pillow I designed so you can see.  It's really cute in person.  Wonder what my next project will be?