Saturday, January 26, 2019

Travel Adventures of the Botanical Quilt

Happy 2019!!  It's been, well, like FOREVER - a year exactly, since I've blogged. But this is my birthday weekend and I thought there's no better time to start again.

So much life going on! We moved into our new home, I got to stand on the floor of the NYSE as my husband stood on the balcony to help ring the bell for his company, we celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary in Aruba, our dog went through 15 weeks of cancer treatments, my brother ended up on the hospital for about 3 months, and so much more all in 12 months; but guess what?  During all that, my Botanical Quilt, from the VA Quilt Museum sew along, was on Display at the VA Quilt Museum AND travelled all the way to Houston, TX for the 2018 International Quilt Festival. There is much to be thankful for during so much craziness.

A few pictures from the VA Quilt Museum

Purchase the Pattern for the Quilt from the VA Quilt Museum:
 The 1858 Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt

Outside the VA Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg, VA - GO VISIT!
Day trip with the better half to visit the quilt!



The ONLY ORIGINAL; the FIRST block patterns;
although another sells these block patterns as their own original, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL QUILT, period.

Garden Solitude hanging among all the great artists; beyond blessed.

The Quilt Labels I need to sew onto the back of the quilt; How can I not be excited?
She's back home now and I'm working on new treasures. During the last part of 2018, I got hooked on Instagram Swaps.  Since 2019 started, I'm currently working on 3 swaps!  I have no idea what I was thinking - HAHAHA; all I know is I've met super creative and friendly people and I love my instragram quilting family.

Until next time,


Here are just a few other highlights from 2018:

Our 20th Anniversary in ARUBA!!  My favorite place on earth other than my sewing room.
Our cabana for the week...

Pumpkin's Graduation Day from Chemo Treatments; She was in remission

Pumpkin - Christmas 2018
As of December, her lymphoma is back and we're just enjoying every day until she crossed that rainbow bridge

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