Sunday, December 13, 2015

Botanical Album Sew Along - Month 3

Month 3 - Mountain Laurel - Red
Mountain Laurel - Red (D1)

Where on earth did December 2015 go?  You might be wondering what happened to Month 2! Well, let's just say I have misplaced the craft box that holds my enlarged month 2 pattern and all my cut outs; I've searched high and low..(sigh).  So... for month 2 I'll have to go get my page re-enlarged at Staples and start that one over. 
In that same box was this month's cut outs, but luckily not the pattern!  The good news is that I managed to get this month's block done this weekend.  The not so great news is that I was in a hurry and I actually did this block BACKWARD.  I didn't panic - after a few deep breaths that is. Those that have done this one know there are many pieces. I decided to just go with it and slightly modify what I had; I tried to get it as close as possible. I figured it's December, I should really be focused on family and the reason for the season so I wasn't going to give up or worry about the quilt police with this one.  I'll call this my persistence block - ho ho ho....
There's still time to purchase your pattern through the quilt museum and join the sew along journey with everyone...
VA Quilt Museum - Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt of 1858
Aunt Reen's Place
Collector with a Needle
I hear the VA Quilt Museum is just a few members shy of 500 for the year!  Consider becoming a member with a small donation and keep this historic building going and keep quilting alive.
Until Next Month's Block...
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

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  1. Such a beautiful December block Lisa!

  2. Great block and wonderful color choices. The blocks are just on a little vaca, when you don't want them they will show up! At least, that's how it works at my place...

  3. Gorgeous!! Hope you find your blocks!