Monday, October 5, 2015

Betty - A Dream Come True

05 October 2015 (4 of 99)


A Dream Come True (Letter from North Carolina, March 1933)
I have actually been to NC several times!  My dad grew up there, I have fond memories of spending summers at the beaches, and Kent & I had an anniversary celebration at the Biltmore Estate Inn; so many times I can't seem to recall them all.
This letter made me smile as I read it.  I mean, I never played in church or at weddings, but I did teach myself to play to the piano and I could play Christmas music pretty good!  I grew up singing in a choir, either at church, at school, or just to my imaginary audience in our basement; so I have always loved music.
When she spoke of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", it brought back memories of many nights studying for my degree!  I seemed to study and retain information best when I'm listening to classical music.
Some of my favorite memories were from high school, when our music teacher would take us to the Kennedy Center for a field trip; I could sit and listen / watch the musicians for hours.
What's Happening Today?...
  • The SUN came out and I was so confused I had to go out and just stare up at the sky!  It had been dark, cold and rainy for so many days it was becoming a bit dreary.
  • I was sad to learn that our baseball team (The Washington Nationals) fired the entire coaching staff today!  Honestly, it was pretty sad.
  • We had pizza burgers for dinner; prepared in the crock pot and delicious....

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