Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I'm Back...Happy Wednesday!

There will be a few back to back posts coming up; mainly because I just got over a 2 week illness of some sort!  Summer sickness sings sour songs! (Say that 3 times fast)

Well, lots of exciting things coming up in the next few months and I can't wait to share them with you, but for now I have to share this short story:

A family member stated that I was hard to buy for; I paused....and then I laughed and laughed and laughed!!!

Now some might say that's just R U D E, however I got such a chuckle out of it because there should be no doubt...I love:
  • Fabric
    • FQs, 1/2 yd cuts, YD cuts, bundles, anything, any color, quilter's quality fabric - this leaves never ending options for anyone.. I mean, you can't have too much fabric, right?
  • Notions
    • rotary cutters, rotary blades, Best Press, rulers, etc...there are WAY too many to mention
  • Thread
    • I LOVE THREAD!!  I really love AURIFIL Thread, WT50, but hey, I'm not too picky
  • Music
    • I listen to music while I sew; all kinds of music.  ITUNES cards, a new CD, etc.  If you think I'll like it then Coolie-O, I'll love it - well except for acid rock...I do not love that
and the list goes on...well...HONESTLY, I prefer just to spend time with people, that's the best gift there is because that creates a memory; I can't misplace memories or forget where they came from.  So, the gift of your time is the most cherished gift of all.
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I have to get back to sewing and collect my thoughts for all the exciting things coming up.
What's on your TO DO LIST?   I need to come up with 10 UFOs for our upcoming Guild Meeting, create a block of the month, get going on my Farm Girl sew along, and start making plans for future adventures.
Have a blessed rest of the week!

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